Gary Group Capital provides investors with creative tax efficient real estate and business investment opportunities along the risk spectrum including opportunistic, value-add, and stabilized, strategies. Our team executes value add strategies and manages a national portfolio of assets on behalf of institutional investors, family offices and financial institutions.

Our strategy revolves around acquiring higher quality assets in growing markets and enhancing their value through strategic value-add initiatives.  By challenging convention and redefining industry standards, we continually lead the way in innovative real estate and business investment strategies.

Shifting Demographics: The world is a constantly changing place. We track demographic changes from a municipal to global level and invest in assets that shifts with our world.

Under-Supplied Markets: Investing to fill gaps in a market is a cornerstone of our investment philosophy. We track communities’ needs for different types of real estate and businesses closely and execute creative and efficient strategies to address those needs across the country.

Niche Assets With Stable Cash Flow: We specialize in niche asset classes with resilient income streams looked over by traditional real estate firms. That gives us the edge and allows us to effectively execute our strategy.

Value Add Strategy: We seek higher quality assets that are generating in-place income and have value-add opportunities. Leveraging our expertise to execute a value add strategy allows the firm to deliver wealth protection and wealth generation for our investors.

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